Archimatix is a powerful node-based parametric modeler extension for Unity. Archimatix’s purpose is to enable artists and game developers to quickly create rich, coherent worlds using intuitive “smart models” capable of generating hundreds of unique architectural forms and typologies from simple geometric primitives.

If you have never tried parametric modeling, don’t worry, its not that hard to pick up. Although it is quite different from brush-based modeling, or topological modeling, where you directly manipulate vertices and faces, with parametric modeling you can manipulate relatively few handles or gizmos that alter the entire mesh in smart ways.

Archimatix includes a library of parametric props, parts and entire buildings to help you get started quickly.

Senate 17

Archimatix empowers game artists and developers to create fantastic spaces and extensive realms with relatively few generative building blocks that are simple in nature, but can become quite expressive when linked together in the graphical node editor.


Archimatix 2015-04-22_08-51-27_PM

Drawing off an extensive library of Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial and Future parametric prototypes, you will be able to create remarkable and truly unique variations, and, if the spirit moves you, alter the linkages and human readable code to create completely new species of architecture, which in turn can be used by yourself, your team, or put into the asset store fore sale. Voila_Capture 2014-07-05_11-19-30_AM Victorian Museum



Get in touch with your inner architect and let loose the Unity3D level designing hero within!



Voila_Capture 2014-07-06_01-12-53_PMEquatorial Hall of Heroes   Voila_Capture 2014-07-06_06-04-29_PMCome to the Palladian Villa!



Stair 2014-07-21_11-32-49_AMThe Ministry of Robots


Stair 2014-07-21_10-41-41_AMAncient Spaceport

Stair 2014-07-22_02-40-36_PM The Old Machine [triangles3150 , modeling time: 8 mins]