Archimatix includes libraries of parametric models of buildings and props that are already rigged and ready to roll. What’s more, you can edit and re-save these parametric models as your own variations and in your own library folder.

Finding a Library Item

Unity Menus

Library Editor Window

Node Graph  Sidebar

2D Library

The 2D Library Window displays parametric Shapes that are available for instantiation in your node graph in a grid layout. This window also features editing controls to add metadata to library items and search by various filters.

3D Library

The 3D Library Window displays the parametric objects in a grid.


Your Very Own Library!








Adding Metadata


File Format and Sharing

Parametric objects are saved as JSON, so they may be easily shared with others. For example, you can include the .axjson file from your library folder in an email to a friend.When they drag that file anywhere in their assets folder, and if they have purchased a license for Archimatix, then your parametric object will immediately appear in their library as a fully functional model.