During he beta process, newer builds sometimes break older scenes. This has to do with how Unity addresses MonoBehaviors when it builds. While that is a given, not to worry, since we can easily recover old scenes. The problem is that now and then a new build will lose a reference to the AXModel script that should be attached to the AXModel GameObject in the scene Hierarchy.

The missing script!

Fig. 1. You can re-select the script that has gone missing.

To migrate an older model into a newer version of Archimatix, please follow these steps

  1. Delete the Assets/Archimatix folder and import the new Archimatix package
  2. Open an old scene.
  3. Select the AXModel in the Unity Hierarchy window.
  4. In the Inspector, the you will see a field with a “missing (Mono Script)”
  5. Click on the selection icon on the right side of that field (Fig. 1.)
  6. Choose the AXModel script from the popup list of scripts.
  7. IMPORTANT: Save the scene as a new version and then REOPEN the new version.
  8. Once you reopen the scene the new version your graph should be there!

At this point, your scene should be back operation!