Why reinvent the wheel every time you start modeling an environment or prop? Archimatix features a library of 3D ParametricObjects to make your modeling more efficient. Choose an item from the library and it will be added to your project complete with interactive handles and inter-related parameters. You can alter these ParametricObjects by modifying their parameters, replacing materials, or using them as a starting point for a completely new ParametricObject.

Architectural experience (AX) is a subset of user experience (UX), particularly in 3D game environments. AX is generated by a
When a form is highly geometric, varying according to well-defined relationships, it often pays to take the time to codify
Molding Profiles are usually "open" Shapes that adorn horizontal edges in an architectural form. They can be used along the
The quatrefoil is a common motif in medieval architecture. It is used as the plan for columns and compound piers
Turtle graphics, originally developed as a feature in the Logo programing language, is an important tool for the description of
Parametric shapes are the heart of Archimatix modeling. Much of the form generation in real architecture is defined by shapes
Architecture often involves a lot of repetition. In the vertical direction, the repetition gets awfully exciting, if not downright vertiginous.