Ancient buildings rely heavily on repetition and symmetry.

Repeaters are an important class of nodes in Archimatix since they allow you to create instances of Shapes or objects, automatically laying them out in an organizational scheme such as linear, grid, circular, stepped, etc. The organizational arrangement can be randomized with the help of a JitterTool.

Repetition is a hallmark of human building. It makes sense, since construction is more efficient when objects are made repetitively and space of columns and opening has a certain rhythm to it. Imagine trying to model the building at right without being able to repeat, or automatically instance, the columns and statues!

Repetition can also have some pitfalls when it comes to level design, since repetitive spaces can lack the orientation produced by unique elements. That being said, repetition can be thought of as the beginning of an architectural arrangement, while further elements break that continuity to provide unique experiences–a rich level design practice that creates both order and chaos.

Archimatix features both 2D and 3D Repeaters.

The 2D Repeaters



The 3D Repeaters