In this tutorial, we introduce the basics of combining Shapes from the 2D Library to easily create complex forms.After completing this tutorial, you will have learned:


  1. Calling up Shapes from the 2D Library
  2. Modifying Shapes with thickness settings.
  3. Combining Shapes with 2D boolean operations
  4. Extruding interlocking Shapes

Shaping Up

  1. Open the NodeGraphEditor by choosing Windows>Archimatix>NodeGraphEditor
  2. On the lefthand sidebar, scroll down until you see ArchShape. Click on this.
  3. Scroll back to the top and click on Circle.
  4. Multiselect the two nodes in the NodeGraph and from the right sidebar menu, click on ShapeMerger.
  5. The ShapeMerger node palate will show the product of the merger with the Arch as the solid and the Circle as the void.