The ImageShaper takes an image as an input, typically from a TextureTool node, and creates a Shape from it. This Shape can be use like any other and fed into and 2D or 3D node that takes a Shape as input.

For example, if we add a TextureTool node and assign its image asset to the Archimatix logo (AX_Logo512, included in the AX package), and then connect the output of the TextureTool to the input of the ImageShaper, we get a 2D Shape ready to be used for combining with other 2D Shapes or connected directly to a Mesher.

TextureTool to ImageShaper

Currently, the points of the Shape generated by the ImageShaper can not be edited, however, the Shape can be offset or thickened, for example with a ShapeOffsetter.

A common use for the ImageShaper is to quickly Extrude, ContourExtrude or Lathe and image into a 3D mesh. Any Mesher can take the Shape as input and when used in combination with a the UVProjector node, you can quickly make fairly good models right from 2D images.