Stair 2014-07-09_07-12-54_PMAll of the images on this post were generated from the same parametric model. One can control the overall dimensions of height and run of the stair, as well as the profile of the treads and the side supports. A key parameter is “rise” which is the height of each step. Since characters need to run up these stairs, the rise is the ultimate measure of how easy/bumpy the stair will be to climb. As you adjust the overall  height of the stair, the number of steps changes to maintain the constant rise value.Stair 2014-07-09_07-29-03_PM

Stair 2014-07-09_07-12-18_PM Stair 2014-07-09_07-10-39_PM Stair 2014-07-09_07-09-53_PM Stair 2014-07-09_07-09-28_PM Stair 2014-07-09_07-08-49_PM Voila_Capture 2014-07-09_07-06-48_PM Voila_Capture 2014-07-09_07-05-34_PM Voila_Capture 2014-07-09_07-04-52_PMStair 2014-07-09_07-24-32_PM Stair 2014-07-09_07-21-07_PM Stair 2014-07-09_07-20-30_PM Stair 2014-07-09_07-19-55_PM

Stair 2014-07-09_07-39-21_PM Stair 2014-07-09_07-37-38_PM Stair 2014-07-09_07-35-48_PM  Stair 2014-07-09_07-27-07_PMStair 2014-07-09_07-19-08_PM